1. Click [Tools].

  2. Click [Invoice Setup Wizard].

  3. Choose ‘Create new invoice template’.

  4. Enter a name for template and click [Next].

  5. On this screen you can edit any details relevant to your business by clicking [Edit]. Make sure you click [Save] after making any changes. When you are happy with edit click [Next]

  6. Choose ‘Yes’ to include remittance advice. Click [Next]

  7. Choose which company details to print on remittance advice. Click [Next]

  8. Choose your customers details to print on remittance advice. Click [Next]

  9. Choose the Invoice Details you would like to appear. Click [Next]

  10. Choose “Yes” to adding Direct Deposit/EFT to remittance bank. Enter in your relevant Bank details. Click [Next]

  11. Choose ‘Yes’ to accept credit cards. Tick the relevant boxes. Click [Next]

  12. You may add a logo on this page. It needs to be a JPG file and no larger than 339 x 154 pixels.Click [Browse] and navigate to where logo is saved on your computer

  13. You may preview your invoice here by clicking [Preview].

  14. Click [Save Finish].

  15. Invoice Layout “name” Saved. Click [OK].

  16. Select [Yes] to set this as your active layout.

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