To import an existing file into the latest Version, select [Create New Business] and select [Yes].
On the next window select [Yes] to import an earlier version file
The next step will be to record the name of your business. Type that in and select [Yes].
The next screen will appear with the following selections:
Select a Cashflow Manager file to import.
Click on the button to browse to the location and select the file. (You can import Cashflow Manager Data or backup files).
Click on the [Browse] button, it will automatically look at the Cashflow Manager Data Folder of the previous program you were using (e.g. Version 10). The Files of type field will be looking for either data (.cf_) or backup (.bc_) files.
Navigate to the location of the file you wish to import.
When you have selected the file click on the [Open] button to return to the Cashflow Manager wizard.
When you are ready to proceed, click on [Next].
A “Save In” window will appear so you can select the location for your file. The ‘default’ location will be C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\CFM\Cashflow11\Data.
Click on [Save] to save your file.

Your file will now be imported. The speed at which your file is created will depend upon the amount of data in the imported file and the speed of your computer. A ‘progress bar’ will indicate the progress.

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