Wages Manager can create an electronic PAYG Payment Summary file that can be sent to the ATO. This file will contain all the required information for every employee you have set-up in your Wages Manager file.
If you have employed a contractor who pays his own tax and you wish Wages Manager to calculate your superannuation obligations towards him, you need to create a separate file for the contractor, because a contractor’s PAYG summary form is different - it requires the contractor’s ABN number. 

  1. Create a separate (new) file. 
  2. Add the employee (contractor). 
  3. Set the ‘Pay Structure’ to Nominated Gross. 
  4. When processing a pay, record the pay amount into the ‘Nominated Gross’ box and click the [Calculate Pay] button. 
  5. Tax will be calculated so click into the [Tax] column and change the amount of tax to zero. 
  6. Click the [Save] button. 
  7. Wages Manager will adjust the pay and save the pay record with zero tax. 
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