Wages Manager has incorporated several features to assist you to pay the correct amount of superannuation. You need to set-up superannuation before calculating amounts-please refer to this for setting-up superannuation: How Do I Set-Up Superannuation

Allowances have been dissected into various types that conform to the required Tax Office treatment inclusion in Ordinary Time Earnings, Salary and Wages and printing on the PAYG Payment Summary.

Several options have been included for calculating Employer Contributions:

1. A Percentage (which needs to be at least 10%) or ordinary time earnings

2. Options to increase this by including leave loading, overtime, non-performance related bonuses and salary sacrifice amounts that do not come under the definition of ordinary time earnings. Increases to these options must be entered, as percentages in the Reportable Superannuation section.

3. A percentage of a nominated amount. This could be used where the employee’s earnings base exceeds the maximum contribution base defined by the ATO.

4. A fixed dollar contribution each pay

There is also an option to Apply $450 Superannuation Threshold which will only calculate superannuation once an employee has earned more than $450 in a single month.

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