To use this function, please note that you must first have registered for this option with the Australian Taxation Office and have a connection to the Internet.

1. Click on the 'Reports' tab in Cashflow Manager.

2.Select 'BAS' and then click [Continue] in the bottom-right corner.

3.In the top left, select whether you wish to bring in 'All Accounts', the 'Current Account' or 'Select Accounts'.

[If you click on the [Edit Selections] button you can tick the 'Select' box to bring in specific accounts]

4. Select the bullet-point next to which period you would like to include, or alternatively use the 'Custom' option if you would like to bring in your own 'To' and 'From' dates.

5.If you are using GOLD which includes Wages Manager, please check that you have the correct Wages BAS Dates in the bottom-left corner.

6.Click on [Lodge via SBR] button

7. The SBR Settings page will open.

The first time you use this you will need to create the settings. 

Your Lodgement Details and myGovID Credentials will be information supplied from the Tax Office when you registered for Standard Business Reporting.

The ‘Keystore’ or ‘myGovID’ is a file you download on your computer and selected in the setup process.

The Payer Information is for your business. 

The Intermediary Information relates to any intermediary such as your accountant who lodges this information on your behalf.

When you have completed this information, click on [Next].

8. When you click on [Next] the program sends a request to the ATO for any forms that apply to that period.
If there is only one form outstanding, this will open in the next window.
If there is more than one form outstanding, they will be listed and you will need to select the form you wish to complete, and click on the [Prefill Form] button.

9. The form is prefilled on the left side with information from Cashflow Manager in relation to the BAS Report as well as other information from the ATO.
Fields that can be edited are highlighted in blue.
The GST Reporting field has a 0 that needs to be changed to a 1 or 2, depending on information from the ATO.

10. Once you have completed the form, click on the [Pre-lodge] button to have the ATO check your form, or [Lodge] to lodge your BAS form.

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