As a subscriber of Cashflow Manager, all fees involved with lodging your records via Single Touch Payroll are included with your Cashflow Manager Gold, Wages Manager or Wages 1-4 subscription fee.

If you have any questions regarding Single Touch payroll set-up or reporting, please do not hesitate to contact Cashflow Manager on 08 8275 2000 or email not our Single Touch provider Super Choice.

Starting Single Touch Payroll reporting:

If you have previous pays listed in the Single Touch function that you do not want to send you first need to clear them from the form. 

From the [Tools] menu or on the right-hand side of the Employees screen, select [Single Touch Payroll] to open the Single Touch form. 

This will display any pays already processed but not sent. 

Click on [Other Functions] button. 

On the next screen click [Mark as Sent] button. 

Close Single touch Form to remove the entries.


Lodging a pay event:

For a pay event to show in the Single Touch function, you first need to complete the pays in the wages section.  

Open the Single Touch Payroll function using the [Single Touch Payroll] button on the right side of the Employees screen.  

The pay will be listed with the Pay Event Date showing as the day the pay was saved in the Wages system. 

If it your first time lodging through STP, or your lodger details have not been entered, you will receive the following prompt when clicking [Validate] or [Send].

Clicking [OK] will open the Lodger Details form. Or you can open the Lodger Details from the main STP form.

If you are lodging your businesses payroll, select [Individual] and fill in the Payer Information fields.

Click [Return] to go back to main STP form.

If you are lodging on behalf of somebody else, select [Intermediary] or [Tax Agent] and fill in the client details in the Payer Information and enter their details in the Intermediary section.

Then click [Return] to go back to the main STP Form.

Once the Lodger details have been entered, enter your name and tick the declaration check box ready to send data.

You have the option to [Validate] or [Send].

Validate will run data checks but not lodge with the ATO.

Send will run data check and lodge pay event with the ATO.

Tick the [Include] tick box for pay events you wish to lodge.  

The payment date will default to today’s date; this should be changed to the actual date of payment.   

Then select the lodgement type:
i. New File (New Pay Run)
ii. Update (Update a record in previously lodged file)
iii. Replacement (Full replacement of previously lodged file) 

You can then enter the name of the person making the declaration, accept the declaration and click [Send].

A message will then show in the Single Touch form if the lodgement was successful.

You can view your lodgement history to see if your lodgement was successful by selecting [Other Functions] and selecting [View History].

Please note: 

  • If users are using more than one computer, they need to make sure data is backed up correctly and moved between computers correctly.

  • Users should lodge all pays for a pay run in a single transaction – please do not send individual pays one after the other.

  • If users have entered pays for several weeks at once they should ensure they are lodged in the correct sequence.

  • Users should complete a pay run and then lodge to Single Touch before processing another pay. (Recommended practice to avoid lodgement errors).

  • If lodging multiple transactions on one day please wait for confirmation that a transaction has been accepted by the ATO before sending the next transaction to ensure the process is complete.

  • A replacement can only be sent for the last pay event lodged

End of Financial Year Finalisation:

After you have processed the last pay run for your employee(s) in the Wages section, when you go to Single Touch Payroll to lodge the pay, the Final Event box will be automatically ticked. If not, you can tick the final event tick box. This is to notify the ATO that this was the last pay for the employee(s) in the financial year.

Please note: If you are sending more than 1 new file/update/replacement, please wait 24hrs until you submit another new file/update/replacement.

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