AVG Tune-Up is used to perform routine maintenance, cure slow start-ups, increase speed, prioritize processes for optimum performance and wiping unnecessary files/folders to free up disk space.
However, AVG Tune-Up removes Cashflow Manager Registration files whenever it runs a system scan. What does this mean for Cashflow Manager users? It means you will need to unlock your Cashflow Manager Program every time AVG Tune-Up runs a scan. How do I prevent AVG Tune-Up from removing Cashflow Manager Registration Fie?

1)Open AVG Tune-Up and go to Settings and then click [1-Click Maintenance]
2)Select [Clean up windows and program: Details]
3)Scroll down through the details to Temporary program files and deselect [Temporary installation files]
4)Select [OK] and close out of settings
5)Run Tune-Up and Cashflow will stay registered.

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