1. Select the Employee from the Employees home screen Click on [Pay Single Employee].
2. Make sure your [From], [To] and [Pay Process] dates are correct for your first pay. With Employees on an Hourly setup the column showing will be [Normal Hours]. In there, you would record the number of hours worked within the specified date period.
Once all information is correct and pay is ready to be processed click on [Calculate].


1. A pay summary will show of the breakdown for the entire pay including PAYG withholding,
2. Super and Leave. If figures are all correct click on [SAVE ]on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


1. A window will appear saying pay successfully save. Will then ask if you would like to close. If you would like to print the Pay Advice
2. Click [No] if you do not want to print the Pay Advice or Click [Yes] and program will go back to the Employees home screen.

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