1. Select the [Employee] name from the Wages home screen.
2. Click on [Pay Single Employee].
3. Click on [Other Payment] to the right of the Pay screen.


1. Type in the amount the employee will be receiving.
2. OPTION A-Is the default option. Determines the tax withheld by applying the Commission over the period for which it is paid.
3. OPTION B-Calculates the tax to be withheld by reference to the progressive total earnings for the year to date. Once all information has been entered click on [OK].


1. PERFORMANCE RELATED-A part of the ATO requirements as Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) which calculates Superannuation.
2. NON-PERFORMANCE-Is not part of the OTE and does not calculate Superannuation.

CDEP (Community Development Employment Program)
1. Is received for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community. Will appear on the PAYG Summary as a separate amount.

2. A BACK PAY can be used if an Employer has paid an Employee incorrectly or forgotten to increase the pay for any reason. Click on BACK PAY and click on [Add]. Select the Back-Payment type, the Financial Year and type in amount click [OK].


3. UN-USED FRINGE BENEFITS are when an Employee has had ‘Salary Sacrifice’ amounts deducted for the purpose of paying FRINGE BENEFITS but has not been fully used and the decision has been made to pay some or all of the balance to the Employee as a normal wage. If super needs to be calculated on the pay tick the [Calculate Superannuation] box and select the correct period to tax the amount on.

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