Each employee needs a unique employee number that is stored in the database as a unique reference. It can only be letters or numbers and no two employees can have the same number, including previously terminated employees. You can change this number later but not to a number that is already in use.

Here you can also choose a special tax scale category or industry the employee may fall into and has special tax withholding scales, for example; Shearer, Horticultural worker, Holiday Maker, or Actor.

Please Note: When a tax scale category or industry is chosen, other areas may be altered or disabled due to tax offset conditions.

Please Note: The 3 Tax Scales for the Senior Australian Tax Offset (Single, Illness Separated and Couple) have been moved to Section 2 –TFN Declaration. This is due to changes made by the ATO to the Tax  File Number Declaration form. Once you have added an employee, the Tax Scales page will also list their Employee Tax Withholding Scale.

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