An Adjustment Note usually occurs when goods are returned for credit, or there is a dispute with a customer that results in a negotiated reduction in an account.
In other words, an adjustment note applies a credit to an account. In fact, they used to be called ‘Credit Notes’ but the GST Legislation requires the term ‘Adjustment Note’ to be used.

Add a New Adjustment Note
To create and assign an Adjustment Note to an invoice:

1. On the Customer screen, select the applicable Customer
2.Click on the [Adjustment Notes] tab

3.Click on the [New] tab

4.The top left corner displays the date, Customer name, and Invoice Number automatically.
5. Select the applicable Tax Type from the drop-down menus
6. Click on [Add Row] to enter the item code, description, Unit Price and Quantity. The GST and Line Total will automatically calculate. Click [Save] or [Save & Add Another].

7.Click on [Save]
8.Click on [Assign]

Edit an Adjustment Note:

1.Click the [Adjustment Notes] tab
2. Select the Adjustment Note from the Adjustment Notes screen
3. Click on [Edit]

Unassign an Adjustment Note:
Click the [Adjustment Notes] tab
2.Select the Adjustment Note from the Adjustment Notes screen
3.Click on [Edit]
4.Click on [UnAssign]

Delete an Adjustment Note
To delete an Adjustment Note, you must first UnAssign it from an invoice.
Once the Adjustment Note is UnAssigned, return to the Adjustment Notes screen.
Select the applicable Adjustment Note, and click the red X in the Delete column.

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