Once invoices are completed the Money In section allows you to record a receipt of part payment received.
Processing an invoice payment (money received) can be done 3 ways:

1. Accessing the [Money In] tab from the Invoices section

2. Accessing the [Receive Payment] tab from the actual invoice

3. Accessing the [Money In] section from the side panel

Using either of the above options, a 'Payment Information' screen will appear.

The easy-to-use drop-down method allows you to record the date of payment, customer, invoice number, amount received, method of payment, and transfer to Cashflow Manager.

Payments recorded can also be printed, emailed and saved by generating the Receipt Report in the Reports section.

Add a New Payment
When processing an invoice payment from the Invoice section, actual invoice, or Money In section, complete the Payment Information form:

1.The date of payment will default to today’s date on your computer. This can be changed by accessing the calendar selector.
2.Select the Customer’s name and Invoice number by accessing the drop-down menu’s
3.The amount owing on the invoice will be displayed.
4.Type the [Amount Received]
5.Select the Method of payment by accessing the drop-down menu
6.Select the Cashflow account you wish to transfer the payment to, by accessing the drop-down menu
7.Select the column you wish to allocate the payment in your Cashflow account
8.Click [Save]

Delete a Payment
It is important to remember; an invoice payment cannot be deleted if the Money In record for the payment has either been deposited or reconciled.
If this is the case, the reconciliation must be reset, and the deposit deleted. This can be done in the Cashflow section.
Once this is done, return to the Money In screen, select the payment, and click [Delete].

Search for a Payment
At the top left of the Payments screen, you will see a Search bar.
To search for a payment;

1.Type in the payment number, or Customer Name
2.Click on the search icon
3.Your payment will then appear on the payment list

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