The Invoice Reports section can be accessed via the side panel.

The Invoice Reports available are:

  1.  Receipt Report

  2.  Aged Debtors Summary Report

  3. Aged Debtors Detailed Report

  4. Statement Report

  5. Inventory Item List Report

  6. Inventory Price List Report

  7. GST

  8. Sales Activity Report

  9. Order Status Report

  10. Processed Receipts List

  11. Sales by Customer

  12. Sales Invoices

  13. Adjustment Notes List

  14. Customer List

  15. Adjustment Notes Report

  16. Sales by Product

  17. Sales Invoices List

Report Options – Invoice Manager

Once a report is selected, there are options to select different parameters for the generation of the report.

The Report Options are listed below:

C – Customer selection. Choose either All Customers or Select Customers (opens a list of all customers to select from).
D – Date Range. Choose a report date range from Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, This Month, This Quarter, This Year or Custom (select report start and end periods where appropriate). The Aged Debtors and Statement Reports only allow an end date.

Types of Reports – Invoice Manager

The following table summarises the reports available in the Invoice (Sales) section

Running a Report:
When in the Reports section of Invoice Manager, a list of all reports will appear.
Simply find the report you wish to preview, and click [Continue].
This will take you to the Report Options screen, where you can make your Customer selections and Date Ranges. Once this is done, click [Continue].
The preview of the report is then generated automatically, showing all calculated figures.

Print a Report:
Once the report preview is generated, you then have a Print option at the top of the screen.
Click on the print icon
2.A print preview screen will appear with another print icon to select
3.Once this is selected click [Print]

Save a Report:
Reports can be saved in CSV or PDF format. Once the report preview is generated, you then have a [Save] option at the top of the screen. To save a report:
1.Click on the save icon
2.Select either CSV or PDF format
3.Save the report in a location of your choice

Email a Report:
Once the report preview is generated, you then have an Email option at the top of the screen.

To email a report:
1.Click on the email icon
2.An email document screen will appear
3.Type in the Send To email address, or use the add symbol to select a Customers email address.
4.The subject line will be prefilled with the name of the report.
5.The report will automatically be attached as a PDF file
6.A generic message will automatically prefill the document. This can be removed and re-typed if you wish.
7.Click on [Send]

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