1. Select [Add Employee] on the right-hand side of the main ‘Employees’ screen.

  2. Add an Employee number and select all that is relevant to this employee. Select [Next].

  3. Add all Tax File Number details that the employee has filled out on their Tax File Declaration form. Select [Next].

  4. Add Employee’s details that are needed in the ‘Payroll Details’ screen. The Start Date, Normal Hours, Pay Structure, Hourly Rate and Pay Method are all compulsory to fill out in the ‘Payroll Details’ screen.

  5. There are also other Pay Options at the lower part of the ‘Payroll Details’ screen which allow you to add any Allowances, Deductions, Union information, Overtime, RDO’s Salary Sacrifice, Custom Rates and Shift Allowances. Select [Next].

  6. The ‘Leave’ tab is where you can add any Personal/ Carers Leave (Sick Leave), Annual Leave, Leave Loading and Parental Leave. Add all relevant information and select [Next]. 

  7. Bank Details can be added if you have chosen to pay an employee electronically through your bank. Entering bank details are not compulsory if you are not using the electronic pay method. Select [Next].

  8. The ‘Superannuation’ section allows you to enter all superannuation details for employees.

  9. The ‘Employer Superannuation’ tab is the compulsory 10% the employer must pay.

  10. Employee Superannuation is when the employee requests superannuation to be deducted from their pay after tax.

  11. ‘Reportable Superannuation’ is when the employee is influencing the employer’s compulsory 10% contribution. For example, if the employee wants an extra 5% which makes the total 15% for the contribution, the 5% goes into the ‘Reportable Superannuation’ section. Select [Save].

  12. Employee has now been added. A message will appear asking if you would like to lodge the TFN Declaration via SBR. Select [Yes] or [No] to continue. (Note: It is not necessary to Lodge the TFN declaration at this point, since it’s automatically sent with the first pay when lodged via Single Touch Payroll.)

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