Select the Employees name from the Wages home screen. 

Click on [Modify Employee].

Click on the [Pay Details] tab at the top in the middle of the screen.

Select Custom Rates from the Pay Options towards the bottom of the screen. Click on [Add] to the right.

Type in the Custom Rate Name, type in the hourly rate, select the correct Calculation Method, Select the correct Wage Category, tick the [Apply Accruals] if any leave needs to be calculated on the Custom Rate and also tick [Use in Pay]. This will come up as a new column when you process a pay. Click [OK]

Click on the [Save] button on the bottom right of the screen and click [Yes] to Close.

Select the Employees name for the Wages home screen. Select [Pay Single Employee].

The custom rate column will now appear ready to enter in hours worked

Once all hours are entered in click on [Calculate] on the bottom right of the screen. The new Custom Rate will now show on the Pay Summary.

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