Before you get started with Super Stream, you need to think about which payment option will be best for your business. You can choose either the “Manual” method, or the “File” method.

For employers choosing the Manual Method:

1.Register your company and employees with the clearing house of your choice.

2.Create a Superannuation Remittance report in your payroll software.

3.Login to your clearing house and manually enter the super payment for each employee. Make a single payment. 

The program includes a Report Option to cater for people using a clearing house for super payments.

The Superannuation Remittance Report allows you to select [All Funds] within your business file.

This allows a comprehensive report for all employees, for all funds, without having to generate a report for each individual fund.

You can then manually enter these figures online using the “Superannuation Clearing House”

To do this, please follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the 'Reports' tab. 

2. Select the 'Superannuation Remittance' Report, and click [Next]

3.  Please specify the options for this report, by selecting the applicable Employees and Contribution Period. For a comprehensive report, select 'All Funds'. Click [Preview].

4.  A preview of the report will now appear. You can print, email, or save the report as a PDF. This report will display the employees, super payment amounts, for each fund.
You can now login to your Clearing House, and manually enter the super payment for each employee. 

For information on this process, please contact your Clearing House.

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