Preparation is key and it’s a great idea to check that your computer is compatible with Cashflow Manager software so that you can use your new product as efficiently as possible.

System Requirements

Cashflow Manager programs are designed to install on a PC or laptop, running Windows 8.1, or 10 (minimum .Net Framework 4.7.2) and you can install the program on two computers that are linked to the business. Our software is designed to be a single user designed application, only one person can be working on the same business file at a time.

Cashflow Manager solutions can connect to the desktop installed email provider Microsoft Outlook.

For more information on emailing from Cashflow Manager click here.

While you can certainly back up your file to an online option such as One Drive, storing your main working file for Cashflow Manager in an online location is not recommended. 

The User Profile on the computer requires full administrative rights and permissions. It’s also important that the latest windows updates have been installed and that everything is up-to-date on your PC or laptop.

Microsoft XP and Microsoft Vista operating systems are too outdated in order to install and run Cashflow Manager software. All desktop products are designed to run stand-alone on a windows operating system.

Apple Mac users are recommended to make use of Parallel, VMware Fusion or Bootcamp applications to install and run Cashflow Manager software on an iOS system. 

For more information on how to run Cashflow Manager on an Apple Mac click here.
Cashflow Manager solutions are not designed for installation on terminal servers, or similar environments. 

Before installation, please check that your PC or laptop has at least 4GB of RAM with a XVGA [1440x900] or higher resolution monitor with 16-bit colour. At least 300MB of hard disk space is needed for the software and user guide, as well as an internet connection for product activation and to check your subscription status.
The region and language settings on your computer need to be set to English (Australia) and the font size on the monitor display needs to be set at 96DPI or the smallest setting possible.

For more information on changing Region/Language Settings click here.

For more information on changing your Display Settings click here

It’s also worth checking that the decimal settings on your computer are set to a decimal point symbol with two decimal places and only entering numbers, letters and decimal points when you are entering any work into Cashflow Manager, as unusual characters can cause issues with electronic reporting to the ATO in future.

For printing, check that the correct printer has been set as your default printer and that the paper size is correctly set to A4. 

For more information on updating your Printer Settings click here

Download Guide

If you already have a Cashflow Manager icon pinned to your desktop/ task bar, please remove it before downloading.

To download the desktop application, visit the Cashflow Manager Downloads Centre here.

From here you can select [Download Now] for your selected solution:

Depending on the internet browser, you will receive a message asking you to [Run] or [Save] the CFMAUS.exe file. Or the file will start to download automatically.

Please Note: Selecting [Run], will run the download. Selecting [Save] will save the download file to your desired location i.e.. Downloads.

Once the .exe file has completed downloading, you may or may not receive a generic Windows Security Message. This is a message created when downloading any type of software. The Cashflow Manager download is safe.

You will then be taken to a Cashflow Manager Setup Wizard. Click on [Next] to continue.

Once you have read and accepted the End User License Agreement the Wizard will guide you through the steps to download and install Cashflow Manager. 

Please Note: It is recommended that the default path is used as the save location for your primary Cashflow Manager files. You will be able to save remote back up files from within the software.

To complete the installing, click the [Install] button and follow the prompts.

You will be asked to enter you License Key to fully unlock access to your new software. 

Import from Older Version

Note: This step is only needed if your file is currently in version 10 or earlier.

If you are already on version 11 and are just running an update then you just open you file as normal after opening the program.

The process of importing your old Backup File to the latest version of Cashflow Manager is very quick and easy. Simply follow the below steps and you will be up and running in no time.

Once you have installed and opened the Cashflow Manger desktop application: 

Select [Create New Business] from the Welcome Screen.

When asked if you have existing files to import; click [Yes].

Enter the name of your business.

Follow the prompts until you have located your saved Backup File.

Click [Save]

This will then allow you to import your old data into the latest version of Cashflow Manager. 

Please Note: Depending on the size of your backup file this may take a couple of minutes. Please leave the software running and do no attempt to close or restart the process.

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