Invoice Manager

Invoice Manager provides everything you need to record your invoices for the business and to keep track of invoiced amounts that are still owing.

Please note: Our standard Cashflow Manager provides customer invoicing only. Cashflow Manager Gold also includes supplier invoicing, job numbers, taxable payment reporting and the ability to track your inventory.

Getting Started

During the setup process, you will need to record your company name and ABN number. If you have a License Number, you can record this down the bottom.

Next, fill in your address details and select whether you would like your GST settings set to use an invoice or to use an exclusive calculation.

Please note: If you select to use exclusive pricing, this means your Unit Price does not include GST already and the GST amount will be added on to your item total. Selecting to use inclusive pricing should be selected if your Unit Price already includes the GST portion.

Adding Customers

To get started with creating your invoices, your first step will be to add in your customers and their business details. To do this, simply open the Customers section on the left side and select [Add Customer]

To add your customer, the minimum information you need to type in is a Customer Code and a Company Name or Contact Name. All other details can be filled out later.

The Customer Code must be a unique code for each customer and when entering any contact details, we suggest using letters and numbers only.

For more information on adding and hiding customers click here.


Recording your items in the Inventory section is optional but will save you time if you set this up at the beginning. Cashflow Manager Gold provides the ability to track your inventory and for this tracking, you will need to add your items sold and purchased into the Inventory section. Our standard Cashflow Manager product enables you to only enter in the items you on sell, in this section.

Once you are ready to start adding your items, open the Inventory on the left and select the [Add Item] button. Cashflow Manager Gold will give you both sell and buy options, whereas our standard Cashflow Manager will only provide the sell option. 

For more information on setting up your Inventory click here.


Cashflow Manager Gold includes the supplier section to handle any purchases for the business.

To start using the Supplier section simply open it on the left and click on [Add Supplier] in the right menu.

The basic information needed to add a supplier is a Supplier Code and a Company Name or Contact Name. 

For more information on Suppliers click here.


Creating invoices is an easy process. Left click once on the customer’s name (or supplier’s name if you are using Cashflow Manager Gold) and then click on [Add Invoice]. Invoices in the supplier’s section are called Purchase Invoices. Select the supplier and click on [Purchase Invoices]. 

All invoices should only contain letters, numbers and decimal points. The supplier section also provides purchase orders.

All invoice documents are not able to be deleted due to being a financial document; however, you can move invoices and purchase invoices to a different customer or supplier and then change any details required by clicking on [Tools] and select to Move Invoice to Another Customer or Move Invoice to Another Supplier.

For more information on Sales Invoices click here.

For more information on Purchase Invoices click here.

For more information on Purchase Orders click here.

Customer Receipts and Supplier Payments

Recording money received for sales and the expenses paid to a supplier, is important for your business so that you can keep track on what customers are late with payments and also how organized you are in paying your suppliers.

For more information on Processing a Receipt click here.

For more information on Processing a Payment click here.

For more information on Removing a Money-In Transaction click here.

Please Note: If you make a mistake, you can simply remove your receipt or payment.


There may be certain situations when you need to record an amendment to a sale or purchase for the business. Recording Adjustment Notes, Credits, Returns and Supplier Overpayments ensures you have a record on what was changed, and why this was changed.

Please Note: Only Cashflow Manager Gold provides the option to record supplier payments and returns.

For more information on making Adjustments Notes click here.

For more information on Applying Credits click here.

For more information on processing Returns to a Supplier click here.

For more information on Overpayments click here.


The reporting section will give you an overall perspective on your business invoicing and enable you to track money owed (or owing to suppliers, if you are working in Cashflow Manager Gold) as well as providing useful information on what items are most sold.

For more information on Customer and Sales Reports click here

For more information on Suppliers and Purchases Reports click here

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