Payroll and Leave Fundamentals

Cashflow Manager Gold and Wages Manager make calculating payroll and leave entitlements very simple. To ensure that you are always using the most recent tax scales and superannuation calculations, it’s important that you are always using the most up-to-date version.

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Tax changes are released by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) prior to the 1st of July each financial year and Cashflow Manager places importance on releasing software updates that include any recent tax and superannuation changes.

The Pay Process Date on the pay recorded, indicates what financial year your pays need to be recorded in.

Please note: The financial year runs from the 1st of July until the 30th of June and is determined by the year that the 30th of June falls in.

Adding Employees

When it comes to anything to do with payroll, it’s vital that your employees are set up correctly. This involves ensuring that the Tax File Number (TFN) Declaration Form information provided is correct and that you are familiar with the employee’s employment agreement.

For more information on Adding Employees click here.

To prevent any additional work in future, we recommend obtaining all employee’s superannuation fund names and superannuation requirements, before you start recording pays.

For more information on setting up Superannuation Calculations for your employees click here.

Leave Entitlements

When you are setting up your employees, you will need to fill out the Leave tab.

Generally, Personal/Career’s Leave is worked out based on 10 days per year entitlement and Annual Leave is calculated on a 20 days per year entitlement.

Please note: If your employee’s award or agreement requires that you divide by 12 to calculate prorate leave, use the Nominate Hours per Pay option.

For more information on how to set up Leave Entitlements Accurately click here.

As Long Service Leave regulations and policies are different across each state and territory, Cashflow Manager Gold and Wages Manager does not calculate or track Long Service Leave. This will need to be monitored outside of using Cashflow Manager Gold or Wages Manager. There is, of course, a method to record Long Service Leave that has been paid to an employee and to reflect Long Service Leave that needs to be paid out during a Termination Pay.

For more information on Adding Custom Rates click here.

For more information on Termination Pays click here.

In line with the ATO’s regulations on Superstream and Single Touch Payroll (STP), our software provides solutions in line with both of these functions. There are two methods available for Superstream and one method to report STP.

For more information on SuperStream manual Reporting click here.

For more information on SuperStream Electronic Reporting click here.

If you have made an error when recording wages, you can very simply delete any pays required and enter these pays in correctly.

For more information on Deleting a Pay click here. 

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