If for any reason your records have a discrepancy and are not balancing the first thing you should always check is your Opening and Closing balances making sure both are correct.

If you need to try and start your reconciliation from the beginning press the [Cancel] button on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Click on [Reset] which is next to the [Cancel] option on the bottom left hand corner of this screen. This un-ticks all transactions again and allows you to step through Reconciliation process again.

Always also check all transactions have only been entered in once and ALL transactions are entered correctly.

Also check your closing balance from previous month is correct in [Settings] area.

Check your closing balance for month you are working on.

Missing Money-In/Out Transactions

Confirm the correct bank account, month and year are specified in the bank reconciliation screen

Ensure the transactions are actually recorded in the Money In/Out section of the program

Money In

This should be in the Bank Deposits Column- Receipts Not Banked do not appear in a Bank Reconciliation

Money Out

Only transactions recorded on the Total Bank Payments appear on the Bank Reconciliation. If they were erroneously recorded under Total Cash Payments, they should be moved to the correct column.


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