How Do I Back-up my File?

Cashflow Manager saves your data in a database file that is located in the C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\CFM\Cashflow11\Data folder unless you have changed it to another location. 

‘Username’ is the name Windows uses for your account.For example, Bill Smith might have a Windows user name of Bill Smith.The file would then be located in 

C:\Users\Bill Smith\AppData\Roaming\CFM\Cashflow11\Data 

You should always make a backup of your data before you close the file that you are working in. 

This means making a copy so that if something happens to your computer, or the file that Cashflow Manager has saved on your hard drive, you will not have lost all of your information. 

We recommend backing up to a USB drive or another drive that is different to the drive that the program is loaded on. 

In fact, you should always keep a recent backup in a different location, so you have the information you need in the event of a burglary or fire. You can email your backup as well. 

The Backup and Restore utilities are a global function, meaning it affects the whole file. As the data file is integrated with the three programs, backing up or restoring a backup will affect all three programs’ data. This has the benefit of having to only back up one file containing all data. When restoring a backup, this will update or potentially overwrite data in the other programs, so caution is advised when performing this function. 

To create a Back-up file: 

  • Click on [File] and select [Backup]. 

  • The Data Back-up screen and Back-up file name will automatically appear. 

  • Click on the [Browse] tab to select the location you wish to back up your file. 

  • The save as screen will appear – “navigate” to the location you wish to back up your file (e.g. USB Drive). The name of your file will appear, with the extension b11. 

  • Simply click on [Save]. 

  • The location and name of your backup file will then appear in the Data Backup screen.

  • Click on [Backup] and [Ok].

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