The MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini and the iMac computers have the capability of converting to the IBM based PC platform via two methods.

Option 1: For the budget conscious:
Using software called “Boot Camp” which can be downloaded for free from the Apple website or it may come pre-installed.

After installing “Boot Camp” the computer is to be shut down and then rebooted in a PC environment and Microsoft Windows 8 or 10 is to be installed on a separate partition. After re-booting into Microsoft Windows 8 or 10, install the Cashflow Manager software. 

Option 2: For ultimate convenience
Using software called “Parallel” or 'VMware Fusion'.
You will then install your Windows operating system, Microsoft Windows 8 or 10.

This program can be placed in the program dock [similar to any other Mac program] and opened at any time while working within a Mac environment. The user can toggle between the two platforms [Mac or Windows] when necessary.

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