Once a report is selected, there are options to select different parameters for the generation of the report. Different reports have different options such as the ability to select accounts, a date range or specific type of report.

The Choice of Reports table includes a column showing the different Report Options. These are:

A –Account selection. Choose either All Accounts, Current Account or Select Accounts (brings up a list of all accounts to select from).

C -Custom Date Only. Report relates to a specific time period and the only option is to select a custom date.

D –Date Period. Choose a report date range from Last Month, Last Quarter, Last Year, This Month, This Quarter, This Year or Custom (select report start and end periods where appropriate).

E – Includes reports formatted especially for Microsoft Excel.

F – Filter report. Report will show information based on filters e.g. Include Invoice Manager balances, Single or Multiple Columns etc.

T – Type of printout. Choice of print layout or specific print media.

Types of Reports – Cashflow Manager

The following table summarises the reports available in Cashflow Manager 8. More information is included below for reports highlighted by an asterisk*.

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