Purchase Orders are used to order goods from your suppliers. The Purchase Orders page allows you to see what orders you have for the selected supplier and when they were created. You can create new Purchase Orders and view/edit existing orders from here. At the top are two options for viewing: This Month’s Purchase Orders, and All Purchase Orders.  

Add a New Purchase Order : To create a Purchase Order, select the Supplier in the Supplier List and click on the [Purchase Orders] button. Then click on the [New] button to the right of the Purchase Orders list.  

The top left corner displays the Supplier’s Details and the [Purchase Order Number]. The next numerical sequenced number is generated but can be changed e.g. to set a manual Purchase Order Number by typing the new number in the box.  

Record a [Purchase Order Date] and a [Reference Number] if required.  

Adding items to your Purchase Order is the same as preparing an invoice. However, the Item Code column will only list the inventory items marked as (Buy or Buy/Sell)  

Click the [Save] button.  

Print the Purchase Order by clicking on the [Print] button.  

To close the page, click the [Cancel] Button. However, click on [Save] first to save the Purchase Order before closing.  

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