Open the Money Out section by clicking on the [Money Out] button to the right of the Supplier List. This will list all the Purchase Invoices waiting to be paid for all suppliers.

The Payment Date will automatically have today’s date per the computer, but you can change this to the actual date the amounts are paid.
The list of unpaid invoices can be filtered by the 'Display Options' drop-down box. Selection can be Show This Month’s Invoices, Show Overdue Invoices or Show All Outstanding Invoices.

The [Select Supplier] option allows you to select an Individual Supplier or All Suppliers.

Record the amounts in this Payment under [Amount To Pay] next to each invoice. You can also select Payment options at the top, from the following options:

Pay All will record the Amount to Pay column with the total amount owing for each invoice listed.
Pay Overdue will only update the Amount to Pay column with amounts for the overdue invoices only.
Clear All will clear all the amounts in the Amount to Pay column.

To transfer the payment to Cashflow Manager:

  1.  Tick the [Transfer to Cashflow Manager] checkbox.

  2. Select the Cashflow Manager account in which to record the payment.

  3. Select the Column to allocate the payment.

  4. To record the payment on a single line, click in the [Group as one entry] checkbox.

  5. Click on the [Continue] button.

  6. Allocate the payment to the appropriate allocation column(s), if not already selected

Click on the [Save] button. Each invoice being paid off will be assigned a separate Payment Number so that if a Payment needs to be removed in the future, it won’t affect other invoices that were paid at the same time.

Remove a Money Out Transaction

  1.  Select the Supplier and click on the [Supplier Inquiry] button to ascertain the Payment Number of the payment to be removed.

  2. Click on the [Tools] menu and select [Remove Money Out Transaction].

  3. Select the Payment Number from the drop-down box and click the [Remove]button.

  4. A message informing you the payment has been deleted. If you had entered this payment into Cashflow Manager, you will need to manually remove it from Money Out.

Printing Cheques

To use the Cheque Writer module to print cheques for the payments, open the Money Out section in Cashflow Manager and add the selected transactions to Cheque Writer from there.

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