To apply the overpayment to another invoice, select the supplier in the Supplier List and click on the [Apply Overpayment] button.

  1.  Change the date as necessary.

  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Invoice Selected box to display a list of the supplier’s invoices with outstanding balances. Select the required invoice.The invoice details will display and the Credit to Apply will pre-fill with the amount of credit remaining or the ‘Balance Outstanding’ on the invoice. Edit the amount if necessary.Click on the [Save] button.

  3. If the credit is refunded to you, click on the [Refund] button rather than selecting an invoice

To transfer the receipt to Cashflow Manager:

  1.  Tick the [Transfer to Cashflow Manager] checkbox.

  2. A field will appear to select the Cashflow Manager account for recording the payment.

  3. Click on the [Continue] button.

  4. Allocate the amount to the appropriate allocation column.

  5. Click on the [Save] button.

Remove an Overpayment
Overpayments can be removed from Invoices without the need to remove the payment that created the overpayment/credit.

To remove an overpayment, click on [Tools] button and select [Remove Overpayment].
Select the overpayment by clicking in the checkbox, and click [Remove].

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