How do you record a payment where the total amount is for GST? An example may be Internet Connection fees with the balance being paid before GST started.

To record this in Cashflow Manager, record the amount you are paying (i.e. the GST) in the 'Total Payments Column'. 

Multiply the payment by 11 to calculate the GST Inclusive amount of the supply. This is what needs to be reported in your GST Report so record this amount in the appropriate column (e.g. Computer Services). 

As this is greater than your Total Payment, you will have a negative balance that needs to be applied. Record this in the 'Sundry Non-GST Payments' column.

When completing your financial statements, your accountant will journalise the amount in the Sundry Non-GST Payments column against the account where the original payment was recorded (either the Computer Services or Prepayments account in our example). 

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