The Money In and Money Out sections of Cashflow Manager have Options. These options are global for each section.
It is important to set up these options prior to entering Money In and Money Out transactions.
To access the Cashflow Manager Options you need to be in either the Money In or Money Out section of the program. Click on [Options].

The following options are available:
Remove Recurring Transaction- Delete recurring transactions that you no longer require.
Advanced Preferences - Sort transactions by date before locking bank reconciliation.
Auto Column Selection - Use this option to establish links so that when the customer or supplier is recorded, the column is automatically selected.Scroll to the customer or supplier’s name, click on the select box and select the column you require.
Private Use Columns - Select the private use component and column for the balance. Note that you must select a column for the balance for the private use calculation to be made. For example, if you record 80% private use for the ‘Motor Vehicle’ column and ‘Owners Drawings’ as the Private Use column, if you enter $100 in the ‘Motor Vehicle’ column, it will save $20 in the Motor Vehicle column and allocate $80 to Owners Drawings.
Other Settings - Here you can record a new name for the Quantity column (Max 8 characters), and decimal places displayed.

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