Once Money In Transactions have been entered, you now need to record what you did with them, i.e. whether they were deposited or not. This section allows you to deposit Money In transactions individually or batched from each of your accounts.

How do I process deposits?
1.Click on the deposit menu and select [Process Deposit]
2.Select account and set deposit date.
3.Select transaction(s) to be included in this deposit.
4.Click [Save]. Deposit is complete and transaction(s) used will be locked.

Please Note:
1.If part of the deposit amount needs to be retained as 'Cash', the cash amount can be entered in the [
Less Amount Retained] box. This will automatically update the deposit total.
2.The Process Deposit section must be completed for these transactions to appear in the Reconciliation.
3.The Money In transaction(s) included in the Deposit, will be “locked” once the deposit is processed. Money In transactions are also locked if invoice payments have been recorded and transferred to Cashflow. The transaction can no longer be edited, unless the lock is removed. To remove the lock, deposits must be deleted, invoice payments deleted, or the bank reconciliation process reset.

Manage Deposits
Once deposits have been processed in each of your accounts, the program can then manage them. Deposits can be deleted, dates can be changed, and each deposit selected will display the individual money in transactions contained.
To get started, click the [Deposits] tab. Select the deposit to delete or change the date.

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