If, within your 30-day trial period, you decide the Cashflow Manager Cloud program is for you, you can then “Subscribe Now”.

The Cloud program is a $22 monthly subscription, debited directly from the credit card details provided when subscribing.

If you are still within your 30-day trial period, you will be able to upgrade to the full subscription from within the program, and have the option to “convert” your current trial file, or “start a new file”.

However, if you chose to start a new file, instead of converting your current trial file, the trial file is deleted from our system and cannot be accessed again.

If your 30-day trial period has ended, and you did not use the [Subscribe Now] option within the program, you can still subscribe to the Cloud, however, you will need to do it via the [Click here to create a new Cashflow Manager Cloud User ID] option on the login screen. This will require a new Username and Password. Please note; you will only have the option to start a new file. The file used in your trial period cannot be accessed again.

To Subscribe Now when in your current trial account:
1.Click on [Subscribe Now], located at the top of the screen.

2.A [Set-Up Subscription] window will appear.
You can select from the following options: Continue Trial Business and Start New Business.

3.For a current Trial user, who wishes to 'Continue Trial Business', select this option and click [Next]. If you wish to continue, click [Yes].

The 'Set Up Informationwindow will then appear.
This involves the 3-step subscription and account set-up process.

Follow the step-by-step process to complete your registration:

Please Note: If your 30-day Free Trial has expired, and you have not subscribed for the Cloud, your Trial file will be deleted and cannot be accessed again. If you decide to subscribe for the Cloud after the expired period, you will need to start a brand-new file. The option to convert your trial file is no longer available.

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