Before subscribing to the Cashflow Manager Cloud program, you can sign-up for a 30-Day Trial.
This trial period allows you to create accounts, customers, inventory, and enter unlimited transactions.
If you sign up for the free 30-Day Trial, you then have the option to subscribe to the paid version within the program (if your trial period has not expired).
You can register for Cashflow Manager Cloud by visiting the application at

1.Go to
Here, you will come to the initial Cloud application site, with a [Login] option at the bottom of the screen.

2. Click on [Click here to start free trial]

A “30-Day Free Trial” window will appear. Here, you will need to complete the following information:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number

If you are an Accountant or Bookkeeper, tick the option [I am an Accountant or Bookkeeper interested in working with my clients]. This is a free subscription.

To complete the information in this section, select the option [I have read and I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy].

3. Click [Get Started]

You have now registered for the 30-Day Trial, but you cannot use it until you have verified the account. An email will be sent to you with a link on it to help Cashflow Manager verify your registration.

4. Go to your email inbox for the email address that you registered and open the email you received from Cashflow Manager. Make a note of your username and password and store them in a safe place. You will need them every time you login to Cashflow Manager Cloud.

5. Activate your Trial Account by clicking on the link provided or copy and paste it into a browser. When the activate window appears, enter your Username and Password and click [Activate].

You have now activated your Cashflow Manager Cloud Trial account. 

Set up your Cashflow Manager Cloud Trial Account & Completing the Trial Subscription:
To set up your Trial account & Trial subscription, there are some important steps to go through. 

Step 1 – Subscription Plan & Set up Information: Enter your business name, your valid ABN number, whether your business is tax registered or not, and select the type of business you have from the drop-down list. There is also an option to select the Accountant Practice Software used by your Accountant. If your specific business type is not listed, just pick the closest one. Select [I have read and accept the End User License Agreement] option to continue.

Step 2 – Accounts: here, you can setup your bank accounts (eg. Bank, Credit). You can have multiple accounts. Select the account type from the list. Give your account a name. Click [Next].

Step 3 – Completion: Your Cashflow Manager Cloud Trial Account and File will now be created, and the following client message will appear regarding your trial period:

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