Accountant Connect provides you (Cloud Subscriber) the opportunity to select your Accountant and/or Bookkeeper enabling them to access your records, so they can provide all the support you need in real time.

Your Accountant can then edit or add any data, while also allowing them to generate any reports necessary, including the BAS. This way, your Accountant ensures all your business transactions have been entered correctly.

The Accountant Connect is a 2-part process. Firstly, you the Cloud Subscriber, connects to your Accountant/Bookkeeper, from within your file. Secondly, your Accountant/Bookkeeper then uses the Client List within their file, to access your records.

Please Note: Your Accountant/Bookkeeper must be a registered user of the Cashflow Manager Cloud program, subscribed as an Accountant/Bookkeeper, for this feature to work.

The Process:
1.The Cloud Subscriber:
To access the Accountant Connect option, click on the [Settings] option in your account drop-down menu, and select [General Information].

Choose the state or territory from the left-hand box and then the Accountants/Bookkeeper for that state will be listed in the right-hand box. Select either your Accountant or Bookkeeper from the drop-down lists provided. Your Accountant or Bookkeeper will only appear if they are subscribed users of the Cloud Program. When connecting to your Accountant or Bookkeeper, you will then be prompted to enter your Login Password for verification.

2.The Accountant/Bookkeeper:
Once the Cloud Subscriber has completed the Accountant Connect process, the Accountant/Bookkeeper can now access their records and file.

To do this, the Accountant/Bookkeeper needs to click on the [Clients] option on the side panel in their program.
Their Client List will then appear.
Simply select your Client, and click on the [Access] tab.

Your client’s Cloud File will now open on your screen, allowing you access to their records.

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