Controlling money owed is one of the most vital parts of business. 

You must have procedures in place to ensure you are collecting money owed to you and that you are collecting it as quickly as possible. Invoice Manager will help you to prepare your invoices and manage the money owed to you.

It is very easy to use so that it becomes a valuable tool in running your business. However, while it will provide you with the information you need, it cannot collect the money for you.

We emphasise that properly managing money owed to you is one of the most vital management roles in business.

The Invoice Manager Sections

Invoice Manager has 4 sections:
Invoices (Sales) – Creating Sales invoices and managing money owed to you for sales on credit (your Debtors).
Money In (Invoice Payments) – Create receipts for payments made on sales invoices.
Inventory – add inventory items to sales invoices created.
Reports – Generate detailed Aged Debtors, Receipt, and Statement reports

These sections are accessible from the side panel.

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