To Add, Edit or Assign a custom rate to an employee, click [Custom Rates] on the right hand side of the Employees section under Functions.

The Custom Rate screen will allow you to Add, Modify, Manage (hide/unhide), Assign and unassign to an Employee, Move columns and Group your rates.

Adding rates:
Select [Add] on the right hand side. You can then add the rate name, rate in $ or %. Select the relevant wage category and tick apply accruals if this rate accrues Personal/Annual Leave hours. Select [Save].

You can modify this rate at any time by selecting Modify on the main Custom Rates screen.

Managing rates:
Manage rates is used to hide or show different rates. This minimises the list of rates that can be selected for a new or existing employee. You will also be able to hide old rates if they arent being used anymore.

Assign to employee:
You can assign custom rates to employees so a new rate doesn't need to be added for each employee. 

Please note: Employees on a Salary or Nominated Gross pay structure will not show here. 

You can adjust the order of the custom rates using the Order function. The ordering will affect how the rates appear in Single Pays, recording Daily Hours and printing the Employee Custom Rates report.

Adding groups:
You can group custom rates by creating a group, then selecting the custom rates related to it.

Modifying groups:
To modify a group, select the group, then [add] or [remove] custom rated belonging to the selected group. 

Deleting groups:
You can delete groups by selecting the group. Then select [Delete] in the bottom left.
Deleting a group does not delete the custom rates within the group.

Assign a group to an employee:
You can select a group and multiple employees to assign the custom rates to.

Please note: These functions can also be selected by going to Modify Employee, Pay Details and through the Custom Rates tab along the bottom of the screen.

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