If a customer needs to modify an invoice that has already been marked as paid, they will need to remove the receipt for the invoice. If the customer as a lot of invoices and receipts in their system, it is recommended to run the processed receipts list report to locate the correct receipt number for the invoice.

  1. Go into Invoices- Reports

  2. Click on the [Sales – Processed receipts list] report. Select the correct customer and period.

  3. In the report, locate the invoice code, and then find the receipt number related to the invoice. Make a note of the receipt number.

  4. Then close the reports section and click on the Customers section under Invoice.

  5. Click on [Tools] at the top of the screen and select [Remove Money In Transaction]. 

  6. Select the transaction and then click on [Remove].

  7. Go back to the original invoice, unfinalise it, and make the changes needed.

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