There are four steps that need to be followed for users to be able to use SBR reporting with a myGov in Cashflow Manager.

  1. Setup myGovID

  2. Link your myGovID to your business

  3. Setup authorisations

  4. Install machine credentials

Setup myGovID:

  1. Download the myGovID app from either the App Store or Google Play Store

  2. Open the app and follow the prompts. You will need to give your full name, date of birth and email address.

  3. Add your identity documents. 

The identity strength you require may differ depending on the government online service you want to access using your myGovID.

A standard identity strength allows you to access all participating government online services, if you have added two of your Australian identity documents:

  • Driver's license or learner's permit

  • Passport

  • Birth certificate

  • Medicare card

A basic identity strength will allow you to access some participating government online services, if you gave only added one or no identity documents. Not all government online services accept this identity strength.

Link your myGovID to a business:
You need to link your business in RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager) before others can access government online services on behalf of your business.

The principal authority is a person responsible for the business, such as: sole trader, eligible individual associate listed on an Australian Business Number (ABN) in the Australian Business Register (ABR), for example a trustee, director, public officer, partner, or an office bearer of a club or association.

Before you start, ensure that your personal details are up to date on the ABR and that your myGovID has been set up.

Linking your business:

  1. Log into RAM using your myGovID.

  2. Select [Link my business] to be redirected to the ATO to find your business or businesses.

  3. Add your postal or residential address as held by the ATO and click [Continue].

  4. Select the business or businesses (that you are an eligible individual associate for in the ABR) you wish to link from the list and click [Continue].

  5. Enter an email address and click [Send email] to receive an authorisation code (the email address can be different to the one used to set up your digital identity). Enter the code and click [Verify] and [Continue].

  6. View the summary of the selected business or businesses, select the checkbox to declare you understand and accept. Click [Submit].

  7. A message will display confirming your business is successfully linked. Click [continue].

Setup authorisations:
Before you start, check with the user you are authorising that:

  • They have set up their myGovID.

  • Their full legal name matches the name used to set up their myGovID.

  • Their email address can only be accessed by them. It does not need to be the address they used to set up their myGovID.

Log into Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM):

  1. Select [Manage authorisations

  2. Select the business you would like to add an authorisation to

  3. Click [Add new user]

You will then complete the following labels:

  • Representative type - standard or basic user, this is based on the user's myGovId identity strength

  • Representative details - including the user's name and email address

  • Authorisation details - select if you want the user to become an authorisation administrator or a machine credential administrator (MCA). Enter a start and end date for the authorisation, it cannot be back dated or left blank. Alternatively, select [No end date]
    Please note: An end date is required for a basic user (no longer than 12 months from the authorisation date)

  • Agency access - select the level of access (Full, Custom or None). For basic users, only agencies who accept this level of access will be displayed

  • Summary - review details and accept the declaration

  • Customise access - if custom access is given you will be redirected to the ATO's Access Manager to set permissions

Install a machine credential:
Before you can create a machine credential you will need to download and install a browser extension compatible with your device.

Step 1: Download and install browser extension for Windows:
Use the link: and save the file. Go to your computers Downloads folder and run the 'ATOBEInstaller.exe'

The ATOBE Installer will open. Click [I agree] on the license agreement to proceed.

If the following message appears, close any open browsers and click [Retry]

Click [Close] to finalise installation

You have now successfully installed the browser extension onto your computer.
Click [OK]. Restart any open browsers or log off and on again.

Step 2: Installing machine credential
In order to install a machine credential from RAM, you must either be a Principal Authority or a Machine Credential Administrator (MCA) for the entity.

Using Google Chrome or Firefox, go to Select the [myGovID login] button.

Log in using your myGovID by entering the email address that you used to create your myGovID. A code will appear. Open myGovID on your smart device, log in and enter the 4 digit code into the pop-up within the app. Tap [Accept].

Click [Manage authorisations] to be redirected to view all the entities you can act on behalf of.

Select the entity you would like to create a machine credential for.

The entity homepage will be displayed with a list of all the authorisations for that entity. Click on the [Manage Credentials] tab in the toolbar.
Please note: This tab only appears if you are a Principal Authority or Machine Credential Administrator.

The Manage credential page is displayed. If you've already installed the required browser extension, skip this step:
If this is the first time installing a machine credential, you will see a message advising that a browser extension is required.

  • Click the link to visit the Machine credential downloads.

  • Click the broswer extension for your operating system.

  • Install and enable the browser extension.

  • Close down your browser

Reopen your browser and go to and login with your myGovID and navigate back to the Manager Credentials page.

The Create Machine Credential page is displayed. Select [Create Machine Credential] and enter the following information:
Keystore password - enter a password
Credential name: enter a name for the machine credential
Identify the Machine Credential Custodian- this will be pre-filled with your name and cannot be changed.

Tick the box to confirm you understand and accept the machine credentials. Click [Download]

The Credential Installed notification is displayed upon successful installation. Click [Finish] to return to the Manage Credentials page.

The Manage Credentials page allows you to create, view and revoke machine credentials for the entity.

Please note: If you are an accountant lodging a report via SBR in Cashflow Manager on behalf of a client, ensure that the client has set up their myGovID, Ram and set the correct authorisations and permissions. 

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