If you are using a Cashflow Manager to service more than one Business Entity, you will need to add those Business Entities to your subscription. This can be done either from the Cashflow Manager desktop application, or through My Account on the website.

To add more than one business file to your subscription from the Cashflow Manager desktop application:

Open the Cashflow Manager desktop application.
Click on [File]
Select [Manage Files]

From here you can select to [Disconnect a file] or select [Manage subscription] to add more business files.

You can then log into your My Account

The username for your My Account will be the email address you subscribed with.
If you do not have a password already, click the [Reset Password] button.
Once you are logged in, you will come to the home page.

Changing your subscription in My Account:

Select [My Subscription] on the left hand side menu

Select [Change Subscription Options]

This will take you to your subscription solution where you can select the billing interval (monthly or yearly), file count (number of business files) and if you want to add Bank Feeds.

Please note: you need to include all business files including the one you have already paid for in the file count.

The price displayed here is the price you will pay at renewal, the price you need to pay immediately, i.e. the pro-rated price, is shown on the payment screen.

Then select [Subscribe Now]

This will take you to the payment screen where your details will auto fill including the pro-rated price you will need to pay immediately for the file counts you have selected.
At the bottom of the page, please read and then tick the agreements and select [Subscribe Now]

The additional Business Entities have now been added to your subscription.

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