If you have previously sent through an incorrect pay, need to re lodge a pay for an employee, or need to re lodge an entire pay run for all employees through Single Touch Payroll, please follow the steps below:

Note: If you need to update/replace multiple pay runs, ensure you complete the process for the first pay run before moving on to the next.

A replacement can only be sent for the last pay event you have lodged.

1. Delete incorrect pay

  • In the Employees section of Wages, select the employees name

  • Select [Pay Single Employee] on the right-hand side under Functions

  • Document the details of the pay run you need to re process

    Note: To print off the pay advice before you remove it, select the grey square next to the Pay Process Date for the pay and select [View Pay] on the right-hand side.

  • To remove the pay, select the grey square next to the Pay Process Date for that pay and select [Delete Pay] on the right-hand side

  • Select [Yes] to the message ‘Are you sure you want to remove the 1 selected record(s)?’

2. Re-enter pay

3. Lodge pay through Single Touch Payroll

  • Now that the pay is processed it will appear in the Single Touch Payroll function

  • In the Wages section, select [Single Touch Payroll] on the right-hand side under functions

  • Under [Pay Events Being Lodged] the employees name will appear

    Note: The Pay Event Date will show as the date the pay was re processed

  • Ensure that employee is the only one ticked in the include column
    Note: If you have re processed the pays for an entire pay run (all employees), ensure all employees are ticked

  • Under STP Values, change the [Payment Date] to the original date of payment

  • For the Lodgement File Type, select either:
    [Update] to update a pay within a pay run (for example, you are updating one out of five employees pay within the pay run for that week/fortnight/month)
    [Replacement] to replace the entire pay run (you have re processed all employees pays within that weeks/fortnight/months pay run)

  • Select the [Pay Event] you need to update/replace

  • Type the name of the person making the declaration

  • Tick the [I declare that the information transmitted in this STP event is true and correct and that I am authorised to make this declaration] box

  • Select [Send]

4. If you are a Cashflow Manager Gold subscriber, you may need to adjust the amount the employee was paid in Cashflow Money Out

Please note: If you are sending more than 1 update/replacement, please wait 24hrs until you submit another update/replacement. Or, until you receive an email stating the lodgement is successful.

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