If you have previously sent through an incorrect pay, need to re lodge a pay for an employee, or need to re lodge an entire pay run for all employees through Single Touch Payroll, please follow the steps below:

Note: If you need to update/replace multiple pay runs, ensure you complete the process for the first pay run before moving on to the next.

A replacement can only be sent for the last pay event you have lodged.

1. Delete incorrect pay

  • In the Employees section of Wages, select the employees name

  • Select [Pay Single Employee] on the right-hand side under Functions

  • Document the details of the pay run you need to re process

    Note: To print off the pay advice before you remove it, select the grey square next to the Pay Process Date for the pay and select [View Pay] on the right-hand side.

  • To remove the pay, select the grey square next to the Pay Process Date for that pay and select [Delete Pay] on the right-hand side

  • Select [Yes] to the message ‘Are you sure you want to remove the 1 selected record(s)?’

2. Re-enter pay

3. Lodge pay through Single Touch Payroll

  • Now that the pay is processed it will appear in the Single Touch Payroll function

  • In the Wages section, select [Single Touch Payroll] on the right-hand side under functions

  • Under [Pay Events Being Lodged] the employees name will appear

    Note: The Pay Event Date will show as the date the pay was re processed

  • Ensure that employee is the only one ticked in the include column
    Note: If you have re processed the pays for an entire pay run (all employees), ensure all employees are ticked

  • Under STP Values, change the [Payment Date] to the original date of payment

  • For the Lodgement File Type, select either:
    [Update] to update a pay within a pay run (for example, you are updating one out of five employees pay within the pay run for that week/fortnight/month)
    [Replacement] to replace the entire pay run (you have re processed all employees pays within that weeks/fortnight/months pay run)

  • Select the [Pay Event] you need to update/replace

  • Type the name of the person making the declaration

  • Tick the [I declare that the information transmitted in this STP event is true and correct and that I am authorised to make this declaration] box

  • Select [Send]

4. If you are a Cashflow Manager Gold subscriber, you may need to adjust the amount the employee was paid in Cashflow Money Out

Pay incorrectly finalised in July 2022 for previous financial year 2021.

To correct 2021, go back to financial year 2021, redo the last pay of the year within 30th June 2021 date and tick off final event and send as a NEW file.

If there is no pay to be processed, like in case of casuals, do a zero pay and send as a new file.

To correct 2022: Process a new pay in 2022, send it as an UPDATE to the pay finalised in 2022. When submitting, ensure the final event is NOT TICKED. This will update the YTD figures correctly for 2022.

Please note: If you are sending more than 1 update/replacement, please wait 24hrs until you submit another update/replacement. Or, until you receive an email stating the lodgement is successful.

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