Adding Bank Feeds to your Cashflow Manager and Cashflow Manager Gold subscription.

  1. Click [Bank Feeds] on the left hand side menu.

2. Click [Yes] on the prompt to subscribe to Bank Feeds.

3. Click [OK] to close Cashflow and add Bank Feeds to subscription.

4. Log in to user account and add Bank Feeds to subscription.

For more information on logging in to My Account, click here.

Connecting to Bank Feeds

  1. Click [Bank Feeds] on the side menu and click [OK] to log in to your online banking.

2. Click the icon for your bank, or search if it is not listed.

3. Log in using your internet banking number and password.

4. This will list all your available bank accounts. It may take a minute or two to load.

To delete accounts not required for bank feeds, click on the gear icon below the account name. Then click [Delete Account].

Note: Deleting an account will stop it being imported to Cashflow Manager, it does not remove any data from your bank records.

Tick the check box and click [Delete].

Click the [X] to close.

5. After checking the bank account list, click [OK] at the bottom of the screen.

6. Click [OK] on the prompt to link the bank account(S) with Cashflow.

7. For each account you have in Cashflow Manager, select a Bank Feed account from the drop-down list. This will link them together.

8. Click [Save] and then [OK].

9. You are now ready to use Bank Feeds.

Using Bank Feeds

  1. Select account and month to work on.

  2. Records displayed will need one of the following actions performed:
    a. Add to Money In
    b. Add to Money Out
    c. Bank Statement Description linked
    d. Approve

3. Adding records to Money In/ Out
a. Select Customer/Supplier (optional)
b. Select Allocation column
c. Edit amount to split allocation if required
d. Add quantity if required
e. Click [Save] and [Close]
f. Action button will change to approve

4. Linking bank description
a. Click check box for record in Bank Statement Description Linked column
b. Select allocation column
c. Use full description or part
d. Click [Save]
e. Action button will change to approve.

f. Ticking the check box [Add as Customer/ Supplier] will add text as a Customer/ Supplier

5. Approve records

a. Click the [Approve] button in the action column

b. Or click [Approve all] button

c. Records will be marked as reconciled and removed from the list.

Bank Feeds functions

  1. Edit a record
    a. Change Customer/ Supplier (optional)
    b. Change allocations
    c. Split allocations
    d. Change quantities
    e. Click [Save] and [Close]

Note: Edit option is only available for records with details in Your Records side.

2. Add Cash records
a. Click the [Money In] or [Money Out] button
b. Add Customer/ Supplier (optional)
c. Add details
d. Enter amount
e. Select allocation column
f. Click [Save] and [Close]

3. Approve All
a. Marks all records with [Approve] action, this marks them as reconciled and removes them from the list.

4. Reconcile and Lock

a. Enter the [Closing Balance] for the month you are reconciling

b. Click [Reconcile]

c. Click [Lock]

d. Click [OK]

e. A yellow padlock will show month is locked.

5. Manage Links
a. Displays a list of data links

b. Add

i. Select transaction type, Money In/ Out

ii. Select allocation column, a new column can be added if required.

iii. Enter linking text, click [View] to view bank feed description if required
iv. Click [Save]

c. Modify

i. Select record and click [Modify]

ii. Make required changes

iii. Click [Save]

d. Delete

i. Select record to be removed

ii. Click [Delete]

6. Refresh Feed

Checks for any new records not previously downloaded

7. Connect Accounts

a. Connects to your bank to add new accounts

b. Can connect to another bank to add new accounts

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