Once you have subscribed to a Cashflow Manager solution, you will receive your new Licence Code and Member Id via email. Or, navigate to My Account on our website. Once you are logged in, you can locate your licence code under [My Subscription].

Follow the steps below to update to your subscription licence within your current Cashflow Manager V11 solution:

1. Open your Cashflow Manager desktop application

2. Open your business file

3. On the left-hand side, select [Account]

4. Select [Clear Licence] to close out of the application

5. Re-open Cashflow Manager and select [Unlock]

6. Select [Next] and enter in your Member ID and Licence Code from your Activation Details email, or under My Subscription in My Account.

Step for Disconnecting Sample File:

In case you get a prompt saying, ‘You have reached your subscription file limit; would you like to manage business files?’ Select [Yes] and proceed to disconnect the sample file to free-up your file count.

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