Q. What are bank feeds?

Bank feeds automatically import transactions from your nominated bank account into your Cashflow Manager application, removing the requirement for you to manually import your transactions.

Q. How does Cashflow Manager connect with my bank?

Cashflow Manager connects to your bank via a third-party provider called Yodlee. As a third party, Yodlee retrieves transactions from your bank account and imports them into Cashflow Manager on your behalf.

Q. Does Cashflow Manager have access to my bank account?

No. Cashflow Manager uses Yodlee as a third party to provide the transaction data from your bank account to display in your Cashflow Manager desktop application. Cashflow Manager does not have access to your bank account details, only the transaction data that is provided in the feed.

Q. How do I add a bank account or credit card account?

  • Click on Bank feeds and click [OK] on popup message to login

  • Select bank and click [OK]. Then enter internet banking login details.

  • This will list bank accounts available to link.

Q. How do I edit, delete or archive a bank account?

  • To delete accounts not required for bank feeds click on the gear icon below the account name.

  • Then click [Delete account].

  • Tick check box and click [Delete].

  • Click the cross to close.

Note: Deleting an account will stop it being imported to cashflow manager, it does not remove any data from your bank records.

Q. Are bank feeds available for my bank?

Yodlee connects to all Australian banks.

Q. How much do bank feeds cost?

Bank feeds costs $5 per business file, per month.

Q. Why is bank feeds an additional charge?

Bank feeds are an additional cost on top of your subscription, as we did not want to make it a mandatory feature.

Q. If I don’t like bank feeds, can I cancel and get a refund?

Yes, bank feeds can be cancelled if you no longer require it as there is no minimum commitment. If you pay monthly for your Cashflow Manager subscription, you will not be charged for bank feeds if you cancel it 48 hours prior to your next subscription payment date. If you pay annually, you will have paid for bank feeds upfront for the year, if you decide to remove access to bank feeds part way through your subscription, the amount left on your account will be pro-rated to the end of your subscription period. There is no refund available.

Q. Can my accountant set up automatic bank feeds for me?

No. Bank feeds must be set up by you as you will need to provide your bank details, including your login, to get things up and running.

Q. Where is my data stored for bank feeds?

The transactional data from your bank account is stored in your Cashflow Manager program on your computer. Yodlee stores data in Australia.

Q. When I share my back up with someone else such as my accountant or Cashflow Manager, does this also give them access to my bank login details?

No. Cashflow Manager does not store any of your bank information, including your internet banking login details, in the program.

Q. Can I have bank feeds on just one of my business files?

No. If you have multiple business files, bank feeds must be added to all files at a cost of $5 per file, per month.

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