Administered through STP, JobMaker provides a payment to employers of $200 per week for eligible new employees aged between 16 and 29, and $100 per week for eligible employees aged between 30 to 35 years for 12 months. The hiring credit is available for jobs created from 7th October 2020 until 6th October 2021.

JobMaker cannot be claimed for employees or business participants receiving JobKeeper.

  • Employers register for the scheme using ATO online or the Business portal.

  • Credit amounts do not need to be passed on to the employee they are paid to the employer.

  • Employees must meet eligibility requirements.

Reporting JobMaker for the first time in Cashflow Manager

Select Employees name
Select [Modify Employee] on the right-hand side menu

Navigate to [Pay Details]

Select [Allowance] under Pay Options and click on [Add] to the right.

Select the Allowance Type: Other Allowances that require PAYG but not Super

Use the Single Rate option with 0.00 as the value.

Allowance codes to be used have been streamlined. JMHC-NOM this used to nominate a new employee for the scheme and only needs to be used in the first pay.

JMHC-P## is used to indicate period being claimed. This would be used on each pay for the period. Each period is 3 months.

JMHC-RENOM is used if an employee is renominated for the scheme after a rehire.

Corrections can be made by adding an X to Allowance codes. JMHC-NOMX removes nomination that may have been made by mistake.

JMHC-P##X used if a pay does not meet minimum works hours criteria.

JMHC-RENOMX removes renomination that may have been made by mistake.

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