To ensure you are receiving the best service for Single Touch Payroll, we have changed reporting providers from Single Touch Pty Ltd to Super Choice.

What does this mean for you?

When you go to lodge your next Pay Event, simply select the [Lodger Details] button on the Single Touch Payroll form and fill in your details.

  • If you are lodging your businesses payroll, select [Individual] and fill in the Payer Information fields.

  • If you are lodging on behalf of somebody else, select [Intermediary] or [Tax Agent] and fill in the client details in the Payer Information and enter their details in the Intermediary section.

Then click [Return] to go back to the main STP form to lodge your Pay Event by selecting the relevant [Lodgement File Type], signing your name and ticking the confirmation box. It’s as easy as that.

What’s new?

You now have the option to either Validate or Send your Pay Event.

  • Validate will run data checks but not lodge with the ATO.

  • Send will run data check and lodge pay event with the ATO.

You can also view your lodgement history in the STP form by selecting [Other Functions] to see what has been submitted. This means you will no longer receive confirmation emails; you will instantly see your history.

Note: You can still log into your Single Touch Pty Ltd account to view past history prior to reporting through Super Choice.

For more information, please read our Single Touch Payroll Guide.

If you have any questions please speak to our Customer Engagement Team on 08 8275 2000 between 7am – 7pm Adelaide time, or connect via web chat on our website. Alternatively you can also email 

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