If you accidentally record transactions in a wrong month or wrong account, you can move them to the correct location.

  1. To move a single transaction, right click on the grey box at the left side of the line you wish to move.

  2. To move multiple transactions, click in the grey selector box at the left side of the row for the first transaction. Then hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard as you select the other transactions you wish to include. (If all the transactions you wish to include are together you can also hold down your ‘Shift’ key on your keyboard and select the first and last transactions.) They will all be highlighted to show they have been selected.

3. Then press the 'Ctrl’ and ‘X' keys together on your keyboard or right click on one of the grey selector boxes for a highlighted row and click on [Move].

4.Type in a name of the account, the month and the year where you wish to transfer the transactions.

5.Click on [OK] to finish or [Cancel] to exit

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