If you finalise your pays in the wrong financial year, you can correct them as per the below example.

Pay incorrectly finalised in July 2022 for previous financial year 2021 ?

To correct 2021, go back to financial year 2021, redo the last pay of the year within 30th June 2021 date and tick off final event and send as a NEW file.

To correct 2022: Process a new pay in 2022. When submitting, ensure the final event is NOT TICKED. This will update the YTD figures correctly for 2022. If a new pay was already submitted for 2022, this would have updated the YTD figures.

Please note: If you are sending more than 1 update/replacement, please wait 24hrs until you submit another update/replacement. Or, until you confirm that the lodgement has been successful from the ATO business portal.

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